Anna Hoye

Anna Hoye has been an artist her whole life, a photographic artist for over twenty years, and a teaching artist for the seven years. Her passion for everything she touches brings her work to life and lends itself to the process of creation and collaboration. Anna considers life the greatest personal creation we will touch. In order to maintain balance in her life she considers her careers like a tripod. Photography, Teaching The Hoye Process Cyanotype Printmaking, and working as a sailor provides harmony, balance, and nurtures many dreams. Intentionally crafting her life as a maker and artist lends integrity to her dedication to her clients and her work. Her seemingly unlimited flow of enthusiasm and excitement is contagious, refreshing, and inspiring. She began The Every 1 Project to bring professional photography within everyone's reach. Anna's love for creative challenge, people, and pushing the limits of possible coupled with 20+ years of experience and a degree in fine art photography from The University Of Montana make her a marvel of creative and technical capacity perfect for your next photography, design, or art project.